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The mission of the Gynaecology Clinic is care and attention to women's health. We advise and specialised tests using more than 30 years of our experience and the most advanced medical equipment. The clinic provides a full package of medical services intended exclusively for women.

Pregnancy Scans

Our Clinic is providing Antenatal Scans during all stages of pregnancy. All dates of the pregnancy scans named below are just the recommendation of The Fetal Medicine Foundation. We offer affordable quality diagnostic ultrasound baby scans which allow the monitoring of foetal development and supervision of the pregnancy, week by week.

Ultrasound is not hazardous and there are no harmful side effects to the mother or the baby. The whole 2D ultrasound exam will last about 30 min. Depending on the sonographer, up to 14 weeks of pregnancy the transvaginal ultrasound probe is performed. There is no special preparation for the ultrasound test except a full bladder on the day of the scan.

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