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Children Removable Braces

Children Removable Braces

The teeth should be taken care of as early as possible, i.e. from the moment when milk teeth appear. This is extremely important because the correct condition of the jaws depends on the proper development of the jawbone of the jaw, and as a result, affects the later state of health of permanent teeth. You should also control your bite from an early age and if you get a malocclusion you should start treatment. Untreated bite problems can get worse and affect our teeth in the future, which is why the role of parents is so important to recognise these problems quickly in our children.

Most malocclusion are acquired, i.e. most often in the first years of life. Sucking the thumb teat, falling asleep with the teat in the mouth, breathing through the mouth, feeding the bottle with the teat for too long - all this causes disturbed work of the facial muscles, deformation of the jaw bones and, as a consequence, incorrect teeth positioning. The cause of malocclusion may also be lack of care for milk teeth in early childhood, their destruction or premature loss. Controlling the bite of our children should become a habit from an early age of the child. Already noticed changes should prompt us to visit the orthodontist and if necessary to start the treatment process.

Children Removable Braces are a type of device that the patient can put on and take off themselves. It is worn periodically and according to the doctor's instructions, usually about a dozen or so hours a day. The traditional apparatus consists of an acrylic plate, screw and wires. It may contain additional elements such as a spring, acrylic roller. Children Removable Braces treat malocclusion mainly in younger children. The use of removable braces effectively corrects the wrong bite while the young patient is growing and developing. The best effects are observed in children between 4 and 12 years old. Removable braces usually correct small deviations in the position of the teeth, but in the case of developmental malocclusions they correct them with the patient's height.

Removable orthodontic appliances do not allow the tooth to be precisely positioned, moved and rotated. In such cases, the device of choice is a fixed device, as is the case with complex malocclusion. The basic effectiveness of orthodontic appliances is to inhibit the development of malocclusion, alignment of disturbed work of the facial muscles, correction of the shape of the jaw and mandible and correct position relative to each other. That is why they are used as early as possible.

Children Removable Braces can be very diverse in their construction, they can be one or two parts. They are always designed individually for each patient. The treatment process with their use, i.e. the number of hours that the child should spend wearing the device depends not only on the malocclusion, but also on the type of device that will be used.

Basic features of orthodontic appliances

They make it possible to start treatment at an early age

Relatively low cost

The ability to take pictures in specific situations

They do not impede the maintenance of good oral hygiene

They can be easily repaired

The result of treatment depends to a large extent on the patient's cooperation: the device is effective only when worn according to the orthodontist's instructions.

How To Get The Best Results from Children Removable Braces

There are many factors that determine whether an orthodontic treatment with a removable brace will be effective and will end with wearing only a removable brace. To get the best results, the most important thing is cooperation between the child and parents with the doctor. Their role is primarily to motivate and enforce that the child should wear the apparatus as recommended by the orthodontist. Regular follow-up visits as planned are also important, the doctor assesses how the treatment is progressing and makes appropriate corrections in the apparatus. Orthodontic treatment, in particular with removable appliances, requires great patience and regularity, because it can last for several years. At the right time in the treatment process, the orthodontist may recommend replacing the device with a new one, adapting it to the patient's height and following changes in the teeth.

The most common form of parental action when treating a child is the systematic adjustment of the device and care for its hygiene. The cleanliness of the orthodontic appliance is just as important as dental hygiene. The very act of adjustment is carried out with a certain frequency at home determined by the orthodontist. In order for the orthodontic appliances to properly shape the bite during the entire treatment process, it is necessary to improve its "adhesion" to the teeth in accordance with the doctor's instructions. For this purpose, patients receive a special key with the device, by means of which the screw in the device is adjusted. The key should be turned in the direction of the arrow (arrow placed on the plate of the apparatus) in accordance with the frequency and quantity to be determined by the orthodontist. Sometimes when you turn the apparatus on and put it on again, you feel a feeling of pressure on your teeth. This is the most correct feeling and if it stops with the time of wearing the device, it means that our device brings the expected results. Adjusting the device as well as putting it on and taking it off should be done according to the doctor's instructions and recommendations and exactly with the frequency specified in the treatment plan.

In some types of occlusal defects, the early use of the orthodontic appliances allows the jaw shape to be corrected and facial features improved, which cannot be done in the future with a fixed appliance but only a major surgical procedure. Reassuming, the reason for starting orthodontic treatment is not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all for health reasons. Treatment with removable braces is a very good solution, because we can begin to correct a malocclusion at an early age even at the time of growth, using it to cure an existing malocclusion. It is a time when our children still have milk and mixed teeth. This will certainly bring faster and more comprehensive treatment effects than starting treatment at a later age. This will allow us to avoid additional procedures such as the need to extract permanent teeth for the treatment of malocclusion or surgery.

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