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Orthodontic Clinic

Orthodontic Clinic

A beautiful smile is a dream of almost every person. And equal opportunity to present white teeth makes our face become more attractive to grow well-being and self-esteem rises. Often, however, a smile may seem slightly overshadowed because of crooked teeth.
In such situations should consult a physician experienced orthodontist. Surely he will answer questions about the type of malocclusion owned and propose methods of treatment to its correction.
Keep in mind that orthodontic treatment can be carried out during the primary dentition, mixed and permanent means of all age groups both in children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

Orthodontics Services Provided

First Consultation - FREE (Treatment Plan)

Metal Train Tracks

Porcelain Braces

Crystal Braces

Self-Ligating Braces

Retainers - After Orthodontic Treatment

Block Retainers - For Young Children

Periodic Visits

Orthodontic Braces

Metal Train Brackets

Rock solid, strong and secure!

Performance efficiency and reliability with traditionally designed braces

Personalize your braces by choosing colour ties of your favourite sports team, school or holiday season

Porcelain/Crystal Brackets

Keep smiling with your natural look!

Invisible appearance-subtle braces blend with natural tooth tone

Comfort– low profile (less bulky )with smooth polished surface and rounded corners for a comfortable fit

Durable and stain resistant throughout treatment

Self-Ligating Brackets

Reduce your time in braces!

Fewer appointments - less time away from school, work and life

Less timer per appointments - quick wire changes means less time in the doctor's chair

Self-Ligating Brackets

Price list available on request.
There is 20% Tax relief on Orthodontic Treatment.

Orthodontic treatment (before & after):

Price list available on request.
There is 20% Tax relief on Orthodontic Treatment.

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