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Dental Services

General dentistry services:

Dental Services

Dentistry deals with treatment of dental cavity and wider prevention. Belong to her, among other things: the treatment of carious lesions, treatment of the pulp (root canal treatment), sediment removal and tartar, learning proper tooth brushing, learning the use of oral hygiene, prevention of dental cavity through the use of fluoride preparations.

Currently, medical treatment can be carried out entirely painless and, thanks to modern materials, may be performed in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

General dentistry services

Dental consultations with Full Check-Ups and treatment plan

Ultrasonic scaling and polishing – removing plaque and tartar

Teeth Sandblasting with Fluoridation - deep cleaning, removing stains and hard deposit

Composite white fillings

Temporary white fillings (dressing)

Composite tooth rebuilds

Tooth rebuild on fiberglass

Relaxation splints

Endodontic - Root canal treatments

Routine and surgical tooth extractions

Routine and surgical wisdom tooth extractions

Routine and surgical tooth root extractions

Gum diseases

Teeth whitening - take home kits

Prosthetic services

Porcelain fused to metal crowns

Full Porcelain crowns

Ceramic crowns on zirconia

Temporary crowns

Partial dentures

Complete full dentures

Skeletal dentures

Denture repairs

The main task of dental prosthetics rehabilitation is, in other words, restore lost due to various reasons masticatory function caused by the loss of teeth. It is extremely important for the patient, because the teeth is constantly moving throughout life, looking for contact with the opposite and adjacent teeth. You need to know that even the shortcomings of individual teeth can lead to changes in the proper functioning of the remaining teeth, hence the need to supplement.

Depending on the extent of missing teeth the patient's restorations can be divided into:

Fixed mounted permanently on the teeth - crowns and bridges

Removable - partial dentures, skeletal, entire

Another group are embedded supplement prosthetic implant. The development of dentistry that caused today, doctors and orthodontists have a huge range of technical possibilities when it comes to replenishing missing teeth. The decision on the selection of appropriate prosthetic solution is taken after thorough examination to the patient's teeth, taking into account both the medical needs and financial capabilities to be treated. Cooperation with professional prosthetics allows you to perform restorations are characterised by the highest aesthetic and functional.
All additions performed in our office are created with the utmost precision, which guarantees not only a perfect fit but also the fact that complemented the lack no different from the natural tooth, and even surpasses it resistant to decay and other diseases. Complementing missing teeth trying to avoid the use of removable dentures because they cause discomfort to the patient. Therefore, we recommend the implementation of implants or bridges cemented permanently, using the existing teeth of the patient.
Prosthetic crowns are also a perfect solution if you need to rebuild damaged tooth. We make them using high quality materials - special alloys of gold and platinum, which greatly enhance the strength of the crown. In addition, gold does not only give precise cast but also has antibacterial properties. Used metal is completely invisible, because the outside is covered with porcelain. Precision-made crown may well function even decades.

Children’s Dentistry

FREE Adaptation Visits

Dental Consultations

Dental Check-Ups

Composite Colour Fillings

Tooth Extractions

Tooth Sealings


Cleaning And Polishing

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There is 20% Tax relief on Dental Treatments: Crowns, Veneers/Rembrandt Type Etched Fillings, Tip Replacing, Gold Posts/Fibreglass posts, Gold Inlays, Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment, Periodontal Treatment, Surgical Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Bridgework.

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