Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner is an orthodontist in a modern, comfortable and aesthetic edition.

It is an innovative method of orthodontic treatment with transparent overlays, which straighten the teeth without causing the patients the inconvenience and discomfort associated with everyday use.

The overlays are made by thermoforming on Scheu Dental devices in specialised laboratories in the country using modern technology and digital analysis. The treatment is precise, detailed and cost-effective, and even cheaper than other orthodontic treatments.

The overlay is transparent, almost invisible, and therefore extremely aesthetic. They are made of soft material, without any metal elements for fastening or twisting, so they are comfortable and do not cause pain or wrinkling. They can be easily removed for eating and cleaning so maintaining hygiene is extremely easy. They are perfectly suited to the teeth, so the patients without embarrassment can laugh and talk.

Clear Aligner treatment procedure

Clear Aligner is a patient-friendly method, both for ease of wearing overlays and for the entire treatment process. This process consists of a few steps, depending on the severity of the malady. Each patient receives a treatment plan based on their individual case, effects that can be achieved, duration of treatment and cost of treatment.

To avoid recurrence of the overlay should wear solid according to. schedule:

  • In the first year after active treatment, the retention cap is worn as long as possible throughout the day and absolutely throughout the night

  • In the second year after active treatment, the retention cap is worn for about 16 hours a day

  • After the second year the retention cap is worn only at night

The length of the retention period depends on the severity of the malady, how long the treatment took, and other individual factors. At the end of active treatment, you should apply for a follow-up visit every six months. Stabilised retainers are very well tolerated by patients - they are invisible and do not interfere with the patients in speaking, which is a great advantage.

Advantages of Clear Aligner

There are many methods of orthodontic treatment, but none give such a sense of comfort, comfort and confidence as the Clear Aligner. The method is completely invasive and painless, and thanks to innovative overlay treatment does not affect your daily life, what you eat, how you speak and how you use free time. Existing Patients who have opted for Clear Aligner treatment list many of the undeniable ones.

Success in treatment with Clear Aligner

Below you will find successes in the treatment of Clear Aligner in Orthodontics by the most common orthodontic defects.

There is 20% Tax relief on Orthodontic Treatment.

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