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3 reasons to visit your Gynaecologist during Pregnancy!

For all of the Mum-to-be’s out there, we know it isn’t easy to know what way you should look after your own health during pregnancy. Paying attention to your health as a woman during pregnancy is very important. At Bio Force Medical and Dental Clinic, we are a team of professional Gynaecologists in Limerick, and we are ready to help you get your women’s health in check!

Gynaecologist Limerick

The first step to taking care of your women’s health as a future mum is to visit your gynaecologist. Our team of gynaecologists are not there to bite! They are there to ensure that you are happy and healthy. We will make sure that you receive the best possible care for yourself and your baby. Whether it is tests or scans, our team are friendly, welcoming and will always make you feel comfortable during your visit to our gynaecologist in Limerick.

To determine whether you are pregnant

This may sound silly, but one great reason to visit our gynaecologist in Limerick is to determine that you are pregnant. A lot of women visit us after taking a pregnancy test that has in fact been faulty and gave them incorrect results. Visiting your gynaecologist is a great way to fully determine that you are actually pregnant as there is a 5% chance that pregnancy tests can give you a false result.

What does Prenatal Testing do?

Secondly, another excellent reason to visit our gynaecologist in Limerick is to do Prenatal Testing. Prenatal Testing includes urine tests, and blood tests to ensure that everything is healthy inside your body. We want to ensure that you and your baby are healthy at all times. Prenatal tests can let us know whether there is anything wrong with the baby and whether they will have any birth defects.

To Monitor the Foetus

Lastly, our gynaecologist in Limerick can help you to monitor the foetus. Monitoring the foetus is important as you can see the baby’s growth and how the child progresses inside of you as the pregnancy develops. It also helps in later pregnancy to ensure that the baby is facing the correct way.

During a high-risk pregnancy, if you suffer from high-blood pressure or diabetes this is also really important to check that the baby’s heart rate is correct.

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